How to build an M Prime One

Do you want to build your M Prime One printer and don’t know how to start? This guide will help you in the first steps of your project.

Bill Of  Materials

The Bill Of Materials (BOM) is the list of all the parts of a design. The following table is the BOM of the M Prime One, with all the parts you need to build one of our printers.

PartQuantityUnitIn the store
NEMA 17 motor4unitNEMA 17 motor
LM8UU linear bearing12unitLM8UU bearing
623ZZ bearing8unit623ZZ bearing
GT2 belt1meter-
GT2 belt pulley2unit-
5x5mm shaft coupler1unit5x5mm shaft coupler
Nuts and bolts1setNuts and bolts kit
2.5x98mm zip tie~20unit2.5x98mm zip tie bag
Frame1unitM Prime One frame
Mechanical endstop v1.82unit-
40x40mm fan1unit-
Inductive/capacitive sensor1unitInductive sensor
Smooth and threaded rods1setM Prime One rod kit
Printed parts1setM Prime One printed parts
Power source1unit60W power supply

You can find the BOM in our Github repository, like all the other files, tables and information that is used in this page.

Nuts and bolts

M3x20 DIN912 screw60
M3x10 DIN912 screw30
M3 DIN934 nut60
M3 DIN125A washer60
M5 DIN125A washer4
M5 DIN934 nylon nut1

(the quantities in this table are approximate and exceed by a little margin the minimum necessary)

The M Prime One is designed with simplicity as a principle, so it only uses 2 types of screws for the whole main structure (M3x10 and M3x20 screws). This way you only have to get two references of screws and won’t have to deal with mixing and loosing many different lengths of screws. You will also need M3 nuts and washers to build the printer.

The M5 nut is used to move the printer carriage along the Z axis. We strongly recommend a nylon nut for it’s resistance to wear off, to assure a precise and jam-free operation of the axis.

Our nuts and bolts kit contains all the necessary screws, nuts and washers to build the M Prime One. All the parts are chosen to be corrosion resistant and you will receive some extra units to keep as a spare for replacements or impovements of the printer.

Includes the M5 nylon nuts for the Z axis and M5 washers for the magnetic bed.

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Smooth and threaded rods

X Ø8mm smooth rod2295mm
Y Ø8mm smooth rod2280mm
Z Ø8mm smooth rod2365mm
Z M5 threaded rod1230mm

You can cut your M Prime One rods from smooth and threaded steel rods. You have the rod lengths in the table in the right.

You will also need a M5 nut that will be fixed to the carriage and will move along the Z axis threaded rod. We strongly recommend you to use a nylon nut, since steel nuts wear off very quickly and will cause backlash and jamming problems in your printer.

Our M Prime One rod kit include the necessary rods to build an M Prime One. Cutted to length from stainless steel so you won’t have any corrosion problem and with the ends deburred and slightly chamfered to prevent cuts.

With the kit we include 5 nylon nuts so you will prevent many Z axis problems and also have spare nuts to use in the future.

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You can cut your own frame from wood, acrylic, aluminium or other material of your choice. For that, visit our Github repository and browse the frame directory, where you will find all the 3D, 2D and help files necessary to build an M Prime One frame:

In our store you can find the M Prime One frame, laser-cutted from 8mm black acrylic. Ready for you to build your printer.

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Printed parts


You can print your own parts or ask a friend to print them for you. In the left you have the table with the parts needed to build an M Prime One and you can download all the files by clicking the button below. Apart from the basic parts, in the package you will find other optional parts, like electronic holders, LCD holders or a tool holder.

We can print the parts for you and send them to your home. Printed in black PLA, checked and deburred so you can start building your printer from the moment you receive the package.

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We have designed a 3D printed extruder for our M Prime One. However, it isn’t already in the reliability level that we would demand from our final products. We only recommend this extruder if you are are willing to tinker with your extruder and its calibration.

You will need the following parts:

bowden_extruder printed part1
MK7 drive gear1
Pneumatic fitting1
623ZZ bearing1
M3x20 DIN912 screw4
M3x10 DIN912 screw3
M3 DIN934 nut4
M3 DIN125A washer~12

Our all metal extruder is a PTSone extruder developed by Printhatshit. It has proven more realiable than our printed extruder, recommended if you want a more forgiving and worry free operation.

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Electronics board

You will need an electronics board and a set of motor drivers to control your 3D printer. The RAMPS+Arduino combination is a very popular one and one of the most affordables. Since the M Prime One uses a cold bed, a RAMPS can be enough, but if you are planning to add a heated bed this board can give you problems. Not every RAMPS is manufactured with high quality standards and is frequent to see burnt boards when using heated beds, as it is a component that requires high currents.

You can download the RAMPS holders from our Github repository:

The SAV Mk1 is a free controller board designed by Francisco Malpartida with the help of the CloneWars RepRap community. It is a compact and reliable board that includes microSD card reader and properly dimensioned high current components. You can add a heated bed to your printer and not to worry about burnt boards.

You can download the SAV adapter from our Github repository:

You can use any other 3D printer controller for the M Prime One, and design the adapter to fix the board to the printer.

Power supply

You can get your 3D printer power supply from an old computer supply or an industrial power supply. If you decide to use a computer supply (ATX power supply) you will have to find a tutorial to modify the source to work properly with a 3D printer.

We use 60W laptop-type power supplies for our printers. They are powerful enough to work with the printer in continuous operation and more aesthetic and trouble-free than PC or industrial power supplies. Each power supply also includes 2 adapters so you won’t have to cut the cables or soldering to connect it to your 3D printer.

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Other parts

The M Prime One has been designed to be work with the most common type of hotend, the J-Head compatible hotends. Any hotend with a 12mm diameter mount will fit in the printer, like the J-Head, E3D, E3D lite, Aluhotend, etc.

The M Prime One has a removable magnetic bed. You can take the bed when the print is finished and remove the printed part, and the put it back in the printer.

If you want to make the bed, it is made out of a 290x195mm aluminium plate, 2mm thick. Also, you will need four steel washers to fix the bed to the X axis magnets.

Assembling the printer

We are working on an assembly manual for the M Prime One, meanwhile we recommend you to use the FreeCAD file of the printer to guide you in the assembly process.

Download the FreeCAD file

First, install FreeCAD in your computer if you don’t already have it (FreeCAD is free software available for all platforms). Then you can download the M Prime One 3D model and see where each part is mounted.

Any doubt about the process?

Ask your question in our support forum.