M Prime One

an open and simple 3D printer

The M Prime One is our first project, a 3D printer designed to be simple, cheap and easy to use and maintain.

Why the M Prime One?

it’s simple

A 3D printer designed from scratch to have few parts, to be cheap and easy to build.

it’s open

All our design files are published and available to everyone to use and improve our products. Check our online repository. You can also take advantage of the improvements of other users.

it’s supported

Check our Q&A forum to solve any issues with the 3D printer and our team and community members will help you.

Complete features

  • Printing surface: 200x150x150mm.
  • 1.75mm bowden extruder.
  • Compatible with any hotend with 12mm diameter mount.
  • Magnetic bed, easy to place and remove.
  • Auto-level system with inductive/capacitive sensor.
  • Cable management integrated in the design.
  • Integrated electronics holder (compatible with RAMPS or SAV Mk1, can be adapted to other boards).
  • Optional LCD holder (compatible with Smart Controller).

State of the project

We are still working on improving the M Prime One and its documentation, but the project has already reached the point where 3D printer enthusiasts can build their own machine. You can visit our Github repository to download the 3D files and BOM of the printer.

I want to build an M Prime One, where can I get the parts?

You can already get the parts from our store and start building an M Prime One.

Don't know where to start?

We have made a guide to help you understand what you will need to build an M Prime One