M Prime One

simple, affordable 3D printer for makers

What is the M Prime One?

a simple and capable 3D printer

designed to be simple

Designed from scratch to be a simple 3D printer with few parts. Easier to assemble, easier to maintain and more affordable.

autoleveling system

Our M Prime One includes an autoleveling sensor in the printer head that corrects the printing surface inclination. No more manual bed adjusting before each print!

You can also take out the magnetic printing surface to easily remove printed parts and the sensor will recognize the position of the bed when you put it back.

high quality extrusion

The extrusion system is one of the most critical parts of your printer. We have chosen an E3D lite6 hotend and an all metal PTSone extruder for the M Prime One, original components designed and manufactured in Europe included by default in a budget 3D printer!

size and portability

The M Prime One is a compact, desktop 3D printer with a printing volume (20x15x15cm) that will let you print a wide variety of 3D models.

We have also integrated a handle in the printer frame, so you can carry the printer with you when you need it.

perfect for makers

build your own 3D printer

The M Prime One is a 3D printer for makers, sold in a kit with all the components and accompanied with online manuals to guide you through the complete process.

Enjoy the experience of building your own 3D printer and learn all about how your machine works.

choose your colors

Customize your kit by choosing your frame and printed parts colors. There are 8 possible combinations.

ready electronics

The 3D printer electronics are already assembled, loaded with the printer firmware and the motor drivers calibrated. Just put the board in your printer and connect the cables.

no soldering

All the kit cables are cut to length and fitted with connectors, no soldering is required to build the printer.

a hackable 3D printer

open source

Our philosophy is building completely open 3D printers that the community can build and improve.

We have not only published all the printer files and manuals in Github, but we have developed our products with open source software, so you can download and modify the files for free.

customize it

Being open source and supported by a great community, our printer is constantly hacked and customized by our users.

Check the mods that have already been uploaded to Thingiverse or download the source files and start creating your own custom parts.

with great support

build manuals

We have created manuals for all the steps in the assembly and setup of the M Prime One. They are public and accesible to anyone, so you can check them in our webpage:

any question?

You may have questions during the building process. No problem! Our team and community will help you get your printer up and running with our Google Plus community, support forum and email support.

Complete specifications

  • Resolution: 0.1 to 0.32mm layer height
  • Printing volume: 20 x 15 x 15 cm.
  • Materials
    • Main material: PLA
    • Compatible with any material that can be printed on a cold bed.
  • Electronics:
    • RAMPS + Arduino Mega board
    • 4x DRV8825 motor drivers
    • Pre-calibrated, ready to use electronics.
    • Auto-level system with inductive sensor.
    • 12V 5A power brick included
  • Extrusion
    • 1.75mm bowden extruder
    • E3D lite6 original hotend (unassembled)
    • PTSone all metal extruder
  • Printing surface
    • Aluminium composite printing surface
    • Magnetic, removable bed
    • Non heated surface
  • Software:
    • Recommended software: Cura (Windows, Mac and Linux)
    • Pre-configured printer profiles available
    • Compatible with other 3D printing software: Slic3r, Repetier, PronterFace…
  • Connection
    • Print over USB
  • Dimensions and weight
    • External dimensions: 44 x 30 x 40cm
    • Weight: under 5kg
    • Integrated handle to carry the printer

Do you want an M Prime One?

pre-order your M Prime One now and take advantage of the launch offer

order your printer now

We will be taking preorders of the M Prime One from September 12 to 25. Due to the great reception of the M Prime One during the Madrid Maker Faire, we have extended the pre-sale period up to October 2 (one more week). All the printers will still be shipped by October 25.

Get one of the first M Prime Ones sold to customers and contribute to the growth of our open source project.

allow us one month to ship the printers

We will ship all the preordered printers by October 25, one month after the campaign has been closed.

This is not a lengthy Kickstarter campaign, all the development work has been done and we want to test our production system with the first batch of printers.


enjoy the introductory price

You will benefit from our launch offer if you pre-order your printer. The preorder prize is 299€, tax included.

If you live outside of the European Union the printer will only cost you 247.11€ (the price without taxes), but if it is stopped in your country customs you will have to pay your local taxes.

Are you a business or your country doesn’t appear on the list of countries we ship to? Send us an email and we will give you a custom quotation.

Preorder is over!

Currently we are preparing the preorder kits. You will be able to order your M Prime One after the preorder period ends.

Start printing now!


(247.11€ + VAT)

launch offer

Configure your M Prime One kit

M Prime One kit


M Prime One 3D printer kit. A simple, affordable 3D printer for makers.

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This is the M Prime One 3D printer kit. The M Prime One is a simple and affordable printer for makers. Read the full description of our printer at our product page.

Configure your kit

Frame and printed parts colors

You can choose any frame and printed part color combination at no cost.

E3D lite6 hotend

The E3D lite6 hotend comes in a kit, unassembled by default. We can assemble and hot tighten the hotend if you prefer not to do it yourself.

Filament spool

You can add a PLA spool to your kit. Please, specify your color during checkout in the Notes field (available colors: black, red, blue, yellow). If you don’t specify a color we will contact you by email to ask for it.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 x 20 x 10 cm
Frame color

Black, White

Printed parts color

Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

E3D lite6 hotend

Unassembled hotend kit, Assembled and hot tighetend hotend (29.99€)

Filament spool

None, Add a 1kg PLA spool (21.99€)


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