Inductive sensor


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The inductive sensor is used in the automatic bed leveling system to detect the height of the bed. Using this system, included by default in the M Prime One, you won’t have to manually level the bed anymore.

Our sensor is plug-and-play for the M Prime One, it fits in both height and diameter with the default parts and can be connected directly to the RAMPS (or any other board) without soldering or crimping the cables using its 3 pin connector. It will also work correctly with the default firmware without needing configuration.

How to connect the inductive sensor

The sensor has a 3 pin connector that can be plugged directly in any standard 3D printer electronics board. You don’t need to solder any diode or resistors since our sensor works directly at 5V, the same voltage as the board.

The function of each pin, along with the color of the cable, is shown in the following diagram:


In the case of the M Prime One with the default firmware, you have to plug the sensor in the Z min endstop bay, making sure that you are doing it in the right orientation (the contrary may damage the sensor). When powered, the sensor will light a red LED that will turn off when it detects metal in its range.

Technical specifications

  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Sensor type: PNP, Normally Close
  • Sensing range: 4mm
  • Body diameter: 12mm, threaded (M12)