M Prime One nut and bolt kit


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The M Prime One nut and bolt kit contains all the bolts, nuts and washers that you will need when building an M Prime One. We have included more parts than the strictly necessary so when you finish the assembly you will have some spare bolts and nuts to modify the printer or to use in other projects.

All the hardware is either made of stainless steel or has received a blacking treatment to prevent rusting. The kit also includes 5 nylon nuts, used to drive the Z axis and with much better wear off resistance than steel nuts.

The contents of the kit are:

  • 60 units M3x20 bolt DIN912 blacked
  • 30 units M3x10 bolt DIN912 blacked
  • 60 units M3 nut DIN934 stainless steel
  • 60 units M3 washer DIN125-1 B stainless steel
  • 8 units M5 washer DIN125-1 B zinc-coated steel (used to attach the printing bed to the magnets)
  • 5 units M5 nut DIN934 nylon (used to drive the Z axis)

When you receive the kit you’ll probably find that you have more parts than the numbers above, which are already more than enough to build an M Prime One. We do this to prevent counting errors so enjoy the free nuts and bolts!