Paralyzing after the first layer

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Mitchell Klingler asked 1 year ago

Good morning, I just set up my printer and now I’ve finished the calibration. I sent a piece to print the problem I’m having is that the first layer prints normally but when moving to the second layer the power simply cuts and locks the motors and the source keeps blinking. I thought the components were pulling much more power than the power supply, I have a 60 watt notebook power supply. Then I removed the coller that cools the board. But he kept the problem stopping at the same point. So I lowered the load of the drivers and continued stopping at the same place. I still can not understand what it can be. Running all the motion and heating tests of the extruder, everything works perfectly, but whenever it goes to print layer 2 for everything, has anyone ever gone through it? Do you know what it can be?

1 Answers
diegotrap Staff answered 1 year ago

As you have said, when you ask to much power very rapidly some power supplies, that otherwise may OK because they are rated with 60W (which is enough for the printer), may disconnect when trying to give that power.
Other option is that the fan is turning on and cooling the heating block, which may cause some of the 3D printer security protection to trigger. Try to turn the fan off to test for this issue.