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Konstantinos asked 12 months ago

From what I understand, the power supply needs to provide a voltage of 12V and power of 60W. But there are not many laptop chargers that I find with these specs. Most are 90W. I also have a charger from an old laser printer that provides 16V, but only .650A, so not enough power. What is most essential and what can be variable? Is it a problem if the charger provides more voltage, or power, than needed? What do I need to be careful of? What will damage the printer?

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diegotrap Staff answered 12 months ago

The power supply has to be 12V. More voltage and the board can be damaged, less voltage and it won’t work well. That’s the most important variable.
Once you have a 12V power supply, it has to be rated for 5A or more. That means that your power supply can deliver up to 5A (the board is what is going to “ask” for a certain current, depending on its needs). If your power supply can give less than 5A, the printer won’t work properly, if it can deliver more than 5A, you are OK, your power supply is more than capable of running the M Prime One.