What is the model of the stepper motors you have used?

QuestionsCategory: ElectronicsWhat is the model of the stepper motors you have used?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I want to know the appropriate torque/voltage.

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diegotrap Staff answered 2 years ago

The motors I use are NEMA 17 with the reference 42BYGHW811L20P1-X3. This motors have a torque of 47.1 N·cm, so they are powerful, and they have a body height of 47mm so the structure of the printer can rest on their base. Those are the two critical characteristics.

nikolas replied 2 years ago

Must be exactly or at least 47.1 Ncm and 47 mm. For example a nema 17 with 37 Ncm and 40mm body height is enough.

diegotrap Staff replied 2 years ago

The motors should be 47mm in heigh because they are part of the printer base. If your motors aren’t that height, you can use a part like this adapter: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1076053.The torque is the “force” of the motor. I think that torque will be enough for the X, Y and Z axis, but the extruder may give you problems when printing at moderate or high speeds or layer heights.