Which Mechanical Endstops?

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CopterWurst asked 2 years ago


Which mechanical endstops can I use for the printer?

Thank you.

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diegotrap Staff answered 2 years ago

The M Prime One uses 2 of the so called Mechanical Endstops, originally designed by Makerbot (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:762). The version we use is 1.8.

CopterWurst replied 2 years ago

thanks for your reply.Where can i get the 1.8 Version, on the thingiverse site is the 1.0 version!

diegotrap Staff replied 2 years ago

You can get the mechanical endstop in most RepRap part distributors. We can only assure you that the v1.8 will work perfectly (fits in our 3D printed parts), but other version will most likely be OK too.