Z level not ok when the print sequence is starting

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Frédéric asked 1 year ago

Hi, I am facing a Strange issue : whereas the offset sequence is done according the procedure, after doing its initialization, the printer starts extruding +-2mm above the bed. I have checked all the potential mecanical issues but still not able to find the root cause.
I succedeed to print some objects but it was before I noticed that the X and Y motors were reversed (and their limit switchs as well). The Z axis was also causing issues due to a damaged axial bearing.
Some help would be welcome.

1 Answers
diegotrap Staff answered 1 year ago

Your printer is starting 2mm above the bed because of the Z offset. The theoretical value obtained with the procedure that we currently suggest in the M Prime One first print guide usually doesn’t result in real printers, you have to adjust it manually. This value can be positive or negative.
Since you have started above the bed, you have to use smaller or more negative values to get the tip down. Test different values until you find that the first layer is deposited just above the bed and store the value (M500).
Are your motors moving in the right direction now? Also, how are the endstops? We can help you debug this issues. Also, if some part is damaged you can send us an email to info@mprime.io and we will give you a solution.